Kayak Instruction

Urban Currents believes in educating people on the water in a manner that they can take a little guidance, information and then progress at their comfort level and personal pace.  With that in mind and over 7 years of  white water kayak instruction, Urban Currents has developed a simple Introduction into Kayaking Clinic Curriculum.

Here are some possible waivers you might need: 

Roll Class waiver link-  http://www.urbancurrents.org/forms/UrbanCurrentsRollingClassWaiver.pdf

White Water Instruction waiver link-  http://urbancurrents.org/forms/UrbanCurrentsKayakParticipantAgreement.pdf

Gear Rental agreement link-  http://www.urbancurrents.org/forms/UrbanCurrentsRentalAgreement.pdf



What will be covered…

Boat Control: Basics of making your whitewater kayak go where you want to vs. where the river pushes you

River Safety: How to identify and what to do about hazards of whitewater kayaking

Product Knowledge: To learn about the gear so you know what to buy when you go looking for your own gear

Call or email for special pricing on week day group rates or for any additional information


$50 per person roll class taught in a swimming pool, come for as many 2 hr sessions until you feel confident rolling.  Call for scheduling, This class is available Monday through Thursday.  This class includes kayaking gear for rolling or you are welcome to bring your own gear as well.

$125 per day private kayak instruction.  This includes a curriculum that will be individually tailored to your level of kayaking. Call for scheduling.  This price does not included gear rental.  Gear can be rented from Urban Currents for $50.00 per day.

$75 per person Introduction Into Kayaking Clinics.  This requires at least 3 people for the clinic to make and has a 5 person maximum.  Call for scheduling.   This price does not included gear rental.  Gear can be rented from Urban Currents for $50.00 per day.

$125 private introduction  to whitewater kayaking.  This class is a trip down a river hand picked for your fun and comfort in the Jackson Kayak Dynamic Duo (the only 2 person whitewater kayak in production).  Call for scheduling.  This price includes all kayaking gear needed for the day.